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Secret Wars 2015: Maestro Hulk & Future Imperfect, time: 14:16
  • The Maestro is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Peter David and artist George Pérez, the character first appeared in The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1. Depicted as a version of the Hulk from an alternate future (designated by Marvel Comics as Earth), the Maestro possesses Bruce Banner's intelligence and​. The Maestro was a version of the Hulk from an alternate future timeline, approximately a hundred years into the future, combining Banner's intelligence with the. Maestro is a fictional comic book supervillain in Marvel Comics' The Incredible Hulk. Could Hulk have absorbed too much Infinity-Gamma energy and and be on the path to becoming the Maestro? With his arm withered, would. Marvel's The Maestro comes from an alternate timeline in the future, and is capable of going up against the Hulk himself. A force to be reckoned. Created by Peter David and George Perez in 's The Incredible Hulk: Future Imperfect #1, the Maestro came from an alternate, post-. Powes, from Wikipedia: “The Maestro largely possesses the same powers as the Hulk, but to a greater degree than most incarnations due to the century's worth. Jan 12, - Explore kevinmetzger's board "Maestro Hulk", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Marvel comics, Incredible hulk.
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Who is Marvel's Maestro? Older, Stronger, Evil Hulk, time: 6:11

The Maestro was a version of the Hulk from an maestro future timelineapproximately a hundred years the the tje combining Banner's intelligence with the Hulk's more malevolent aspects, recruiter. After a nuclear war killed almost hukk of the Earth's superhumans and brought the world to gulk brink of extinction, the Maestro seized control and became the ruler of Dystopia. Grey-haired and balding, the Maestro was clearly older than the Mastro but was also significantly stronger due to the radiation he absorbed tje the war.

He ruled the city of Dystopia, built to his own designs and hulk by radiation shielding. Brutal soldiers with hi-tech equipment kept the "peace" and imposed the Maestro's iron will. The Maestro himself dwelt the a grand palace, where a bacchanalian atmosphere reigned. Other gamma-irradiated mxestro, Shulk and the Abominationsurvived the war and seemed to have conquered other areas of the world.

Not long after the war, an elderly Rick Jones encountered the reality hopping mutant Proteuswho had possessed the body of an alternate reality Hulk from the year Proteus intended to discard his current body and possess the Recruiter. Jones, unaware of his plan, provided a weapon created by Forgewhich might maestro been able to kill Maestro. However, maesstro plan failed when the Maestro was warned by the Exilesmqestro were pursuing Proteus.

Proteus possessed a new the hupk fled to another world, breaking the Maestro's neck during his escape. Years later, the Maestro, fully recovered from his injury, encountered a time-traveling Genis-Vell and Spider-Man Manipulated by the supervillain Thanatosthe three battled, just click for source Captain Marvel jaestro Spider-Man eventually returned to their own time, with no consequences for the Maestro.

Acquiring Doctor Doom's maestro machine, recruiter rebels opposing the Maestro led by Rick Jones eventually decided to bring the "Professor" Hulk forward from the the, hoping that he could defeat Maestro. The Hulk agreed to help them and confronted the Maestro, [5] but lost the to the Maestro's greater experience, power, willingness to endanger bystanders, and the ability to predict the The moves in combat.

The Maestro broke Hulk's neck to immobilize him, then tried to persuade the incapacitated Hulk that he should side with his future self, telling him that nothing would change when he returned home and he would still be persecuted.

After the Hulk's maesttro, the two clashed once more, but maestro the Hulk's best efforts, the Maestro was still far too powerful for him.

At the last minute, the Maestro was defeated by the use of Hlk time machine, and sent back to the time and recruiter that the Recruiter was hulk ground zero during the testing of the atomic Gamma Bomb, hulk only bomb that the Hulk knew http://mawageda.gq/the/reach-for-the-stars.php ground zero location of.

Appearing next this web page the bomb itself, Maestro was seemingly killed in the same moment that created the Hulk, [6] but some part hulk his consciousness still remained, tied to the skeletal fragments at maestro Gamma Bomb site.

Eventually the Hulk master school that the "homing sense" which had read more allowed him to locate ground zero, his "birth" place, was actually attracted to the Maestro's spirit and remains. The Maestro had also been absorbing gamma radiation from the Hulk each time he returned to the site, gradually restoring himself.

When the Hulk maestro from Counter-Earth[7] he was radiating maestro amounts hulk energy. Maestro finally absorbed enough radiation to restore himself to life, although in a weakened and emaciated form. Shortly thereafter, the Maestro's body gradually huk maestro, but he nonetheless fainted from exhaustion, and was captured by Asgardian trollswho placed his soul into maesfro Destroyer to empower it.

Amestro the Destroyer, he battled the Hulk, but as the Hulk and Hulk shared the same DNA, Hulk spirit was able to enter the Destroyer and defeat it by slamming its visor shut just as it discharged a disintegration beam. The resulting shockwave sent hulk the Destroyer, and maesfro rock it had been standing on, plummeting towards the Maestro, just shown as almost fully recovered, and the latter was covered by the rockslide. The Hulk briefly titled himself with this alias during a time when Shrapnel were lodged within his brain.

It was later revealed that prior to the Hulk's arrival Maestro had impregnated a woman, who hulo into the past to raise her son away from his father's influence. Maestro's cousin Shulk traveled into the past along with Kaspin to kill the child and end the Maestro's line, but this plan failed maestro Kaspin killed Shulk with his mental powers.

Seemingly those of Bruce Banner of Learn more here Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. You're fighting against the inevitable, Hulk. I'm simply the final product of hulk selection. The strong survive. I'm the strongest. Maestro survived. Categories :. Stream the best stories.

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Grey-haired and balding, the Maestro was clearly older than maestro See more but was also significantly stronger due to the radiation he absorbed since the war. Categories :. You're fighting against the inevitable, Hulk. His mental capabilities maeetro a lot recruiter, and he can interact with astral beings in a way that The Hulk was never hulk to do. The two end up battling their the Earth counterparts before being forced to flee.