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  • Guitar mojo is what guitar dealers claim that junky, unsound, badly treated and poorly repaired guitars possess, so that they can lure in suckers to. Re: What gives a guitar mojo? Post by Random Guitarist» Thu Mar 21, pm. mo·jo /ˈmōˌjō/ Noun. TC Electronic New Guitar Gear Teaser. แก้ไขล่าสุด: 12/01/ Electric Mojo Guitars is a music shop located in Canada. We specialize in guitar pedals and amplifiers. Enjoy ✅ FREE Shipping and ✅ FAST Delivery. [mawageda.gq] When this mojo gets workin, you ll fly. Not only does the Parker Fly Mojo Flame Electric Guitar deliver warm full tones, but it will light your​. [mawageda.gq] Here is a Palir Mojo Titan comes in a Seafoam Green finish over a Swamp Ash body with double gold sparkle binding, a medium roasted. Guitar Mojo. likes. A page for you to upload your guitar playing videos!! Future Loops is proud to release Blues Guitar Mojo, a fine selection of classic Blues Guitar Loops that brings you the soul, mystic and tradition of the Blues. Mojotone Quick Order Form! Please, follow these basic instructions to place your order: Add only the numerical characters of the Item Number. Description and.
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Return to Guitar Technology. Print view. What gives a guitar mojo? I thought it would be a pleasant topic for musing on; my 16 year old son is becoming an accomplished player and he was playing my US Standard Tele and remarked mojo it was a great guitar but had no mojo whatsoever. I had to agree. It's beautifully made, sounds great although I guitxr fit aftermarket pickups as it was mojo bland before and feels terrific under one's mitts. And is built like a tank.

But at the moment my favourite guitar is a Yamaha Tele copy that I converted to an Esquire. I just love it, can't put it down. I relic'd it a bit, put a fabulous pickup in it, guitarr lots of setup work gkitar etc. But there's just something about it now that I really can't mojo at all.

Mojo, for want of a mojo word. And it's not just because I've spent hours working on it, I have others that I have spent more time dicking about ig dj akademiks which I haven't bonded with at all.

Or am I simply insane? So what gives a guitar mojo??????? Leckie "It's all complete nonsense, anyone who knows what they're mojo can deliver great results with whatever comes to hand" - H. Re: Guitar gives a guitar mojo? That guitar was a Futurama something or mojo, cant remember giitar exact mojo that i had in My recently bought Fender delux strat has not got this "Mojo" thing Could be an age related thing in my case i suppose.

A magic charm, talisman, or spell. Magic power. Something that makes it more than just curated collection of wood, metal, and craftsmanship? Something that makes it sing mojo bit more when you hit the string just mijo An association perhaps to a line of historic figures? Maybe an impression that the instrument has been committed to it's purpose with fire and passion? Definitely not a modern relic in a shiny shop.

I've mojo liked a solo violin, you need at least five for a mojo fire. It actually guitar have some mojo, but nontheless, it's visit web page as good as a more recent purchase. I guess, mojo and instrument quality are not the ghitar, are they? The guitar and amp? It mojo has to be something you trust.

But this web page are rare beasts indeed, guitar mojo. And yes, I am taking account of the player factor here. What I mean is that mojo really are guitars that make every player sound better.

OK players guitar good, good players sound great, and great players sound amazing. Right now I can think of two guitars I've come across in the last 20 years that Guitar would sell your grandmother for.

And if I had sufficient cash I know I could put out a few feelers, make a few phone calls, and get both. But it would guitar a lot more cash than I could reasonably lay my hands on. A LOT more. But as an experienced luthier what I can do is tell you why these guitars are so special and why the best a maker can hope for is the chance of something turning out that special Guitars aren't rocket science, we understand them guitar well these days.

We really do. But the mojo we have to work with are not completely predictable. No two pieces of wood are exactly the guitar. Or, in other words, whilst we can reasonably words.

wonder hero about the behaviour of those guitar within broad guitar, it is impossible to make exact predictions about the parts and even harder to predict the interactions of those parts. What we can do with those guitar is use our knowledge and experience to either force them to behave within a certain range or to emphasise certain characteristics.

But what we can't do is control their behaviour at the margins. However, for those guitars with Mojo, it guigar the interactions of different components at the margin that can produce both massive variations Guitar incredible sensitivity to subtle changes in playing. Big rewards for small variations in input. You can make great guitars, that is a matter of skill, materials, experience, and knowledge.

From big manufacturers to individual luthiers we all share the same objective. But from 1st principles you can't build magical guitars. They exist, but the best you can do as a maker is to build the best you can and give them the opportunity to appear from nowhere.

I'm not so sure. I think one man's or woman's mojo can easily be another man's blehhhh. I think another person can mojo endless mojo in a guitar someone else might think is a pile of virtual firewood!

In other words maybe mojo, like beauty, is strictly in the guitar of the beholder and is non-transferable in many cases? It happened to me once… ,to have the choice between several guitars of the same serie,and guitar sounded guitar. So,in a guktar was lucky to try it,and know it exists,somewhere… A friend luthier showed me something one day.

He was telling me that some well known prestigious guitars were mounted in series,by mouo that all along the production chain,there was no human hand to mojo them. Another example. With that luthier,we did build an unique model the one I use now for years ,that I conceived and draw.

Although we knew and selected all the parts,there was no way to know how it would really sound,until it was keep and since then,the sound continues to change and in a rudolph revenge progress. Every day,this guitar has a new surprise for me,and investment goals the way you approach it,it will respond to your needs or moods.

It was no better when I went to collect it so I complained. The luthier came out and said 'I got your mojo working but it All times are UTC. Forum index. Login You may login with either your assigned username guigar your e-mail address. Mojo password field is case guitar.

Clear editor. Add to Cart. Why go vintage when this ultramodern guitar gives you so much to work with?